Pope Francis prays for passengers, crew on board missing flight MH370

Una escultura de arena en India, hecha por el artista Sudersan Pattnaik, pide orar por los ocupantes del avión desaparecido de Malaysia Airlines. | AFP
Pope Francis today urged people everywhere to pray for those on board missing Malaysian Airlines flight MH370 and their families, said Vatican Insider, as the search for the missing aircraft enters into its second week.
According to the portal, the Pope called thousands of pilgrims to prayer just after midday at St Peter’s Square in Rome.
“I invite you to remember in prayer the passengers and crew of the Malaysia airline, and for their families.  We are close to them in this difficult moment”, the Pope was quoted as saying.
Pope Francis’s call comes after Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak’s announcement that the plane went off course because of deliberate action by someone on board the plane, and that the search has now expanded to two corridors west of the Malaysian peninsula. – March 16, 2014.