ETHIOPIA - Sharing means evangelizing: a rosary for the mission in the Somali Region

Gode (Agenzia Fides) - More than a year without water, dead livestock along the dirt roads, deaths due to cholera every day, without medicine and medical personnel, and without even a thermometer to measure body temperature, while the temperature exceeds 45 degrees. This is the situation in the Somali Region of Ethiopia (see Fides 10/05/2016). Among the initiatives promoted for this emergency #AyunoXti invites to pray the rosary on March 22 for Christopher Hartley’s mission of mercy, Spanish missionary who since 2008 has been living in Gode, in the area between Ethiopia and Somalia. "We have water, medicine, food, and we are attracted by consumerism and comforts. There instead thousands of people die because they do not have a glass of water. 

Let us pray God to give them strength, sensitize the West with intense prayer", says the appeal.
In a message Father Christopher thanks all those who have sent aid. "Dear friends, thank you for your extraordinary generosity, yesterday I was able to accompany the first truck of water to the first village that the government gave us" he says to Fides. "The village is located 70 kilometers from Gode and is home to about 4500 people. I cannot describe the people’s joy in words. They kept telling me: 'Abba, Ebbe, Xakubarakeyo' (Father, may God bless you). Today I will go to another village. Each truck loads 24,000 liters of water. I only ask you to continue to pray intensely for us, so that the Church will continue to be a mother in the midst of this poor African territory", said Fr. Christopher. 
(AP/CH) (Agenzia Fides 21/03/2017)